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About Us


AZW Consult is an online platform established to facilitate the sale and purchase of services online. We aim to reduce the hassle that people go through as they seek to acquire and/or sell services.

We believe that every human on earth has a skill. Whether formally acquired or informally. This skill deserves recognition. That is why we are here. We offer you a platform to use your skills to earn a living, thus enhance your life and your society’s.

We are committed to ensuring that we promote economic development by using technology, to facilitate efficient services trading.

Our Mission

To make sure every last skill on earth has had its place and use, as it was meant to be by the creator.

Our Principles

We believe in hard work, smart work, dedication, potential, integrity, focus, and determination. For anything you believe and commit yourself to, you will achieve it.

It is not where you have been that matters, it is where you are and how willing you are to make it better that counts.