Accepting an order / Requesting an amendment

Let us now look at how to accept an order when it is delivered, or reject it if it does not meet the specified requirements in the order.

Before proceeding it is important to point out that, as a buyer, you have 3 days to raise a complaint upon receiving an order.

Failure to raise a complaint within three days after order delivery, will render the order acceptable and thus autocomplete it. You can raise a complaint by requesting and order amendment.

Accepting an order/request amendment

  1. Once signed in to your account dashboard, go to the orders page.
  2. Select the order that you want to accept.
  3. Use the view button to open the order page.
  4. You will see two options when an order is delivered.
  5. Accept order – if you are satisfied by the order as delivered, click this button to accept the order.
  6. Request amendment – if your order fails to meet the requirements as per the description on the pro page, click this button to request modifications.
    You need to notify the seller on the type of modification that you are seeking. Use the contact seller button on the order page to do this.
    NB: accepting an order completes it permanently, while requesting amendment changes the order status to amending.

If you need clarification on any issue above, contact our customer support.