Delivering an order to a customer

Let us now look at how to deliver a complete order to a customer, in order to receive your earnings.

Delivering an order depends on the terms of your pro sale. Some orders may be delivered immediately especially those that involve downloadable pros. However, to protect the customer against buying fake downloads, the order process for these pros has to go through the normal order process as shown below.

Order ->  Order payment(order processing) -> Order delivery (by seller)  -> Order acceptance (by customer)

A seller receives their earnings in Ewallet automatically after order completion.

If you are selling downloadable pros, always make sure that you deliver an order immediately you receive it. This will reduce the time within which you receive your earnings.

Steps to deliver an order

  1. You need to first sign in to you selling dashboard. Use this link.
  2. Click the orders menu icon on the left hand side of your selling dashboard. This will open the orders-listing page, that shows all the order you have received.
  3. Choose the order you want to deliver. Click the ”eye” icon to the right under actions, to open the detailed order page.
    NB: Before you deliver an order, you need to attach documentation as proof of work done. Scroll down the order page to the section titled “Attach proof of work done”. Attach the relevant documents here.
    You can always remove files when you need to make adjustments, or when you attach the wrong files.
  4. Once the page opens, you will see two options:
  5. Deliver order – this is the option that you are looking for. Click on deliver order and wait for the response. (note that to be able to deliver an order, you need to attach proof of work. If it is a case of downloadable pros, attach a simple note that says, “your order has been delivered”).
  6. Unable to deliver – there are cases where you as the seller may not be able to deliver the order due to various circumstances. If unable to deliver the order, click on “Unable to deliver” option. This will automatically reverse the order.
    NB: It is important to note that, refunding an order due to your inability to deliver may negatively affect your rating as a seller.
  7. After this, you have to wait for the customer to either accept the order or request for an amendment, if your order fails to meet the requirements.

If you have any questions or need clarification on the information represented here, contact our seller support team.