Guide on how to buy a pro

Let us now look at how you buy a pro on AZW Consult

Buying a pro is so simple. It simply involves the click of a couple of buttons.

First of all, you need to choose the pro that you want to buy. You can either browse the pros using the categories in the menu options, or browse all the pros available by visiting the pros listing page. You can do this by clicking on “Buy Pro” button on the top menu.

Steps to buy a pro

  1. Browse the various pros on offer using either their categories or otherwise. To get more details on each pro click on it. This will open a pro page, where you will get more details about the pro, work samples (if any) and other relevant details.
  2. To buy a pro, click on the “buy pro” button on the pro page. This will add your pro to the shopping cart, and redirect you there.
    For purposes of pro delivery convenience, we only allow purchase from one seller at a time
  3. If you are satisfied with your cart, click on the checkout button, to complete making payment for your pro.
    (Note that, a pro can only be processed by seller upon successful payment and confirmation of such payment).
  4. At the checkout, enter all the required details, including selecting your preferred mode of payment. Once done, click on “confirm order
  5. This will process your order, and notify you if your order has been received.
  6. On the order received page, there is a link to the view-order page. Use this link to visit the order page, to attach requirements files (where applicable) and to find out more details about your order.
  7. You can always keep track of your order to know when the seller delivers it. You will however be notified upon delivery.
  8. It is a requirement that the seller attaches a file(s) as proof of the work done on your order. As such, you will get file attachments once the order is delivered in the section “Order delivery files
  9. Once you get the information (when the order is delivered), you can either accept the order(if it meets your requirements), or request an amendment where it is not delivered as agreed.
    It is worth pointing out that, an order scope is limited up to the extent described on the pro page.
  10. If you accept the order, then it is completed. (See Accept an order).
  11. If you request an amendment, the seller will receive your request and process as necessary. (See request amendment).

If you need any clarification on the information represented here, get in touch with us