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Being part of AZW Consult’s Terms and Conditions, this Privacy Policy (referred hereafter as this “Policy” ) describes how we use your personal information. Please read this Policy carefully and understand it.

Your use of this Site’s services is dependent upon accepting to be bound by this Site’s Terms and Conditions as well as this Policy. If you don’t agree with this Policy, you MUST not use this Site’s services. This Policy may change from time to time, and any changes made will be published on this Site. Changes made will be effective as of the stated “Last Updated” date. Your continued use of this Site after the changes are made, constitutes acceptance of, and agreement to be bound by such changes. Always keep checking this Policy to be aware of any changes made.


  • Any information you publish here, is no longer private, as is the case of sharing information on social media or other online platforms.
  • Your personal information may be stored in systems based around the world, and may be processed by third party service providers acting on our behalf. These providers may be based in countries that do not provide an equivalent level of protection for privacy as that enjoyed in the country in which you live in. In that case, we will provide for adequate safeguards to protect your personal information.
  • We do not sell or rent your personal information to third parties for any use without your explicit authorization.
  • We do not disclose this information to other users, except as stipulated in this Policy, or as required for your continued use of this Site’s services. Such include, purchase of pro, payment, reviews, contribution to this Site’s forum discussions, or where we have a legal obligation to disclose this information.
  • Information is based on what you share voluntarily with us, with other users, or information collected by our systems to improve on your user experience such as cookies.
  • Technical information that is gathered by our systems, or third party systems, automatically may be used for Site operation, optimization, analytics, content promotion and enhancement of user experience. In accordance with applicable local law, we may use your information to contact you – to provide notices related to your activities, or offer you promotions and general updates, but we will not let any other person, including sellers and buyers, contact you, other than through your user profile on the Site.

Detailed Version

At AZW Consult, we respect your privacy, and we are committed to protect your personal information. Here we will explain our privacy practices.

Information gathering

One of the ways through which we collect information is through user registration. This entails details that you provide to us during registration such as email address, phone number, names and physical location.

During your use of the site, we may collect information, such as your geolocation, browsing habits, and buying habits.  We use the information so collected to enhance your user experience, as well as monitor this Site’s operations to avoid cases of fraud, inappropriate content or behavior.

Upon registration, your username and information such as pros created, ratings, and photos uploaded are made public and are visible to all users of this Site.

Method of collecting information

The main method of collecting information is through the information that you provide us such as during the registration process. This is done by filling in the application form, and updating your account details.

Another way we collect information, is the information you share voluntarily such as articles, posts and photo uploads, feedback given, and any other information that you elect to add to your profile.

We also collect technical information indirectly using our systems. The information so collected is mainly used to inform the decisions made on how to improve your Site-usage experience.

We get data also from third parties, and/or partners as well as other sources such as public databases. This helps us especially in the security aspect to prevent cases of fraud, and other security related cases.

Usage of information so collected

We use the information that we collect about you according to the applicable laws

We may use your information in one of the following ways:

  • Information processing to abide with a relevant legal obligation such as prevention of fraud.
  • Enable your access to our services, such as pro purchase or entering into a contract with us.
  • To help us improve and enhance the services that we offer you as well as ensure your security.
  • To promote and market this Site and the services offered here.
  • To maintain business records to comply with lawful requests as required by applicable laws.

In case we may want to use your information outside of the scope of this Policy and the Terms and Conditions, we will request for your consent.

Retaining your information

We will retain your information for as long as it is required to fulfill the purpose for which it was initially collected.

Such cases include:

  • Our operations  e.g. to keep an accurate record of the dealings we have had with you, to enable resolution of disputes should they arise.
  • Legal usage –  such as cases of fraud investigation, prevention, collection of fees owed or any other problem

Age restriction

The minimum age required to use our services is 15 years. We do not in any circumstance collect information knowingly from anyone below 15 years. In case of such cases occurring, we will delete this information from our database immediately.

Sharing information with third parties

We never sell or rent your information to third parties without your consent and your explicit authorization. However, all the information that your upload to this Site for public use, may be used by other parties without our knowledge. Therefore be careful about the information that you allow to be public. Such information includes the pros created on this Site.

We only allow authorized third parties access to your information, when needed to operate this Site, provide our services to you, prevent/investigate fraud as well as fulfill our obligations to you as required by the applicable laws.

We may share your information with other users of this Site, to ensure your user experience is satisfactory, and you get the services that you require fully. For example, if you’re are a buyer, we may share some of your information with the seller, to ensure that the pro you purchase is offered in such a manner as to fulfill your needs fully.

When you publish or share your information with other users of this Site, you do it at your own risk.

While AZW Consult strive to protect your privacy and the Terms and Conditions require our users not to use the data shared with them, AZW Consult cannot guarantee that all users will do so.

This Site is also protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply with respect to data collected by reCAPTCHA. The use of Google reCAPTCHA is required in order to prevent fraud and misuse of the Site by use of automated machines. To learn more, please see Google’s privacy policy.


We use cookies to store information such as sign-in details on your computer. This allows automatic sign in to this Site, which makes your browsing experience better and effortless and also allows us to assess user experience in order to offer you more personalized browsing. By continuing to use this Site, you accept our placing of cookies in your computer or device in accordance with the Terms and Conditions and this Policy.

External links

Note that this Site has third party links which may even be part of the pros that you purchase. If you link to a third party site, using these links, any data you provide them, and any such data used by them is not under the control of AZW Consult, thus not subject to this Policy. Any site you visit has their own privacy policy. Ensure you read their privacy policy before proceeding to use their services.

In case you upload your information to a social media site, and tag this Site, such information is governed by that social media’s privacy policy. Even in cases where you submit information on an official page of AZW Consult on that social media, such submission will be subject to that social media’s privacy policy.

We have no control over such sites, and have not reviewed their privacy policies to assess their adequacy.

Updating your information

We always strive to ensure that your information is accurate and up to date. We therefore allow you to update your information through your account details section on your dashboard. There are some sections, however, that we do not allow you to change, such as date of birth. If you discover that you made a mistake when entering your information on a field that cannot be changed, kindly contact our customer support, for assistance.


If you have a complaint or wish to leave us your feedback, kindly do so using this link. Send Feedback

Contact Us

To enable us to serve you better, we have created support centers for both sellers and buyers. If you have a buyer-related issue/problem, feel free to contact our Customer Support team.

If you are a seller, and have a seller-related issue/problem, kindly contact our Seller Support team.

To allow us to serve you better, please indicate clearly your issue, when contacting us, as well as all the relevant details.

If you have any question, complain or need clarification about any section of this Policy, feel free to contact us.