Selling Terms


A seller is a user who has applied to sell on AZW Consult, and their application subsequently approved. The following terms guide sellers and selling on AZW Consult.

  • A seller creates a pro on this Site, and submits it for review.
  • Any pro listed will be inclusive of all taxes where applicable.
  • A pro is listed after review if it complies with this Site’s terms and is legal/not in violation of the law or morals.
  • Pros that violate provided terms or the law, will be removed immediately and the seller risks suspension or even permanent closure of their account.
  • Failure to deliver an order negatively impacts a seller’s rating.
  • A seller account may be suspended or closed permanently following valid complains by other users, about their behavior, or violation of these terms.
  • A seller receives 84% of the total order value, upon successful completion of the order.
  • Withdrawal charges are at the rate of 2% of the withdrawal value.
  • If unable to deliver the order, a seller can click on the unable to deliver button on the order page. This affects a seller’s reputation negatively. A buyer receives a full refund in their E-Wallet.
  • Withdrawal is done once per week. Withdrawals are sent via mobile to your registered Mpesa mobile number on your dashboard. If you prefer to receive your withdrawal in a different number, please indicate this during withdrawal. Withdrawal charges apply.
  • For security concerns, AZW Consult may temporarily disable a Seller’s ability to withdraw revenue to prevent fraudulent or illicit activity. This will be determined by AZW Consult.
  • A Seller is responsible for paying any taxes that may arise from selling their pros. Such include VAT or any other taxes.
  • Seller appointment of AZW Consult as Only Payment collection agent – by accepting these terms, you, the seller, appoint AZW Consult as your only agent for collecting payments made from buyers for all pros that you sell on this Site, via this Site’s Payment Service Providers. Therefore any payment made to AZW Consult by the buyer on behalf of the seller, will be considered as payment to the seller directly.


  • A level 1 seller/basic seller is allowed to list up to 7 pros.
  • All pros listed on this Site will be inclusive of all taxes where applicable.
  • Any pro listed on this Site must not violate these terms, or the law applicable to the respective country of sale or purchase.
  • Any pro listed on this Site must not violate any copyright laws.
  • All pros listed on this Site will be user generated original content.
  • Any pro found to violate these terms/or the applicable respective Country Law will be immediately removed, and the user risks account suspension, closure or even prosecution, depending on the nature of violation.
  • Copying of pros is not allowed.
  • Adult oriented content is not allowed such as but not limited to Pornographic, Inappropriate/Obscene content.
  • Pros not allowed on this Site include but not limited to :
    • Pros that mislead or are deceptive to others.
    • Pros that are prohibited by the respective Country of sale or purchase.
    • Pros whose duration of service exceed 25 days.
    • Pros that are regulated by the country of sale or purchase.
  • Pros that are removed by this Site for violation, are not eligible for listing again.
  • Pros that include links to external content which violates these terms will be removed from this Site.
  • Pros should be accompanied by images, and/or attachments which showcase a seller’s work.
  • Statements on the pro page that circumvent or undermine these terms will be removed from this Site.

Types of Pros

  • Simple Pro  – this is a pro that is offered as one item, or service. It may contain downloads.
  • Grouped Pro – this is a combination of various simple pros that are offered as a group.
  • Variable Pro – this is a pro that can be offered in varying tastes and preferences. The prices differ based on the variation selected.