Terms & Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions, govern your access and use of AZW Consult, in relation to services offered as well as the content.

AZW Consult reserves the right to amend these terms as necessary without any notice.

Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully before you sign up and start using our services.

For this purpose, AZW Consult will hereafter be referred to as this Site.

For this purpose, AZW Consult Terms and Conditions will hereafter be referred to as “the Terms and Conditions”.

Hereafter, Ewallet will be used to refer to AZW Ewallet.

By signing up for an account on this Site, or clicking to accept the Terms and Conditions, when you are given that option, you accept and agree to be bound and abide by the Terms and Conditions as well as the Privacy Policy referred and included here by reference.

If you don’t accept the Terms and Conditions and/or the Privacy Policy, you MUST NOT access or use this Site or its’ services.

This Site is available to users who are 15 years or older. By using this Site, you confirm and accept that you have formed a binding contract between you and this Site. In case you need any assistance, you can always contact our Support Team which is available 24/7. Contact customer support Here.

Terms Definition

Pro – a service offered for sale on AZW Consult by a user known as a seller.

Customer – a user who signs up with this Site automatically becomes a customer.

Buyer – a user who purchases a pro sold on this Site by a seller.

Seller – a user who applies and is approved to sell pros on AZW Consult.

Order – a formal agreement between a buyer and seller arising from a pro purchase made by a buyer, where the pro is offered by a seller.

Ewallet – the virtual AZW Consult wallet that allows users to keep money on this Site, to use for purposes of transacting on this Site.

AZW E-Wallet Balance – the amount owed to a user by AZW Consult. This is computed as follows:

= User top up + Earnings(from Selling) – Purchase(By Ewallet) – Withdrawals(from Ewallet)

Pro package – relates to a pro that is sold in various plans with differing prices.

Pro page – a page where a pro listed by a seller is described, including any terms, price, attachments, and use of the pro, including pro-restrictions, if any.

Admin fees – this is the fees charged for all pros purchased and delivered successfully. The admin fee is at the rate of 16% of the order value.

Dashboard – This is the customer’s page. From here you can edit and manage your account.

Earnings – this is the money received by a seller after successful delivery and completion of an order. This is after deducting the admin commission as stipulated in the Terms and Conditions.

View order page – this is a page that displays the details about a particular order. This page is available to both the buyer and seller of the pro. From this page, the seller delivers the order, and the customer can then either accept the delivery or request for an amendment.

Payment Services Provider(s) – are service providers that provide payment services to buyers and sellers in connection with transactions performed on this Site, including collection of funds from buyers in connection with the purchase of pros, remittance and withdrawal of funds to sellers in connection with completed pros, and the holding of funds in connection with AZW Consult E-Wallet balances.

Order Statuses

Processing – this is a state when an order has been made, paid for and is just awaiting fulfillment by the seller offering the pro.

On-Hold – in this state, an order has been put on-hold by AZW Consult due to issues with the order such as payment failure, or complain from either the buyer or seller.

Pending Payment – this is a state when an order has been made, but payment is yet to be confirmed.

Failed – this is when an order fails. This could be caused by either an order being on-hold for too long, the seller failed to deliver or any other valid cause.

Refunded – this is an order which has been canceled and money refunded back to the customer.

Canceled – This is an order which has been cancelled by either AZW Consult, buyer or the seller. There are consequences that arise from either the buyer or the seller canceling the order. See more info here.

Delivered – this is an order which the seller has worked on, and delivered all the required details and documentation to the buyer for acceptance. At this stage, the order is not complete yet. To deliver an order, visit the order page, and click on the deliver-order button.

Completed – this is an order which after being delivered to the buyer by the seller, is accepted by the buyer. To accept an order, the buyer should click on the accept order button on the order page.

Amending – this is an order which, upon delivery by the seller, the buyer fails to accept the order due to violation of order agreement between the buyer and the seller, or failure to meet the expected requirements as stipulated in the pro page, or the order request details up to the extent of the scope covered by the pro description on the pro page. The buyer can request an amendment, by visiting the order page and clicking on the request amendment button.

Terms summary

User registration is free. A user registered becomes a customer automatically.

A user can only have one account. Users found to have more than one account will face disciplinary action

Pros are offered at a starting price of KES 100. There is no upper limit in terms of price charged for a pro.

A seller must apply to sell and be approved to start selling on this Site

Failure by the seller to deliver an order impacts negatively on the seller’s rating

Order cancellation by customer (for an order that is already processing) attracts a penalty of 20% of the order value.

The listing will hereby be used to refer to the action by a seller to offer a pro for purchase.

Orders are made by clicking on the Buy Pro button on the pro page.

AZW Consult may suspend or cancel any user’s account who violates the Terms and Conditions and /or the Privacy Policy.

AZW Consult reserves the right to refuse registration of any user without being obligated to provide reasons for the rejection.

During pro-purchase, the buyer pays AZW Consult. This money is held by AZW Consult until the seller delivers the order as requested. Upon order confirmation and completion, the seller receives their earnings after deducting the AZW Consult admin fees.

Payments can only be made/received via the stipulated payment gateways on this Site.

Sellers should explicitly indicate on the pro page any restriction concerning the use of the pros offered on AZW Consult (for example copyrighted pros). Failure to this will grant the buyers full rights, including redistribution and resale of pro materials and attachments.

Buyers get full rights to use the work delivered by the seller without any restriction unless explicitly stipulated by the seller on the pro page.

Any form of coercion by any user to other users of this Site will lead to serious consequences including account suspension or closure.

AZW Consult reserves the right to use all published work for this Site’s marketing and promotion purposes.

We respect your privacy. Read the Privacy Policy here. The Privacy Policy forms part of these terms, incorporated herein by reference.


A seller is a user who has applied to sell pros on AZW Consult, and their application subsequently approved. The following terms guide sellers and selling on AZW Consult.

  • A seller creates a pro on this Site and submits it for review. Upon satisfying the pro requirements, the pro is approved and appears on the pros listing page, making it available to other users for purchase.
  • Any pro listed will be inclusive of all taxes where applicable.
  • Pros that violate the Terms and Conditions, the Privacy Policy or the applicable law, will be removed immediately and the seller risks suspension or even permanent closure of their account.
  • Failure to deliver an order negatively impacts a seller’s rating.
  • A seller account may be suspended or closed permanently following valid complains by other users, about their behavior, or violation of the Terms and Conditions.
  • A seller receives 84% of the total order value, upon successful completion of the order. 16% is the admin fee.
  • Withdrawal charges are at the rate of 2.5% of the withdrawal value.
  • If unable to deliver the order, a seller can click on the unable to deliver button on the order page. This affects a seller’s reputation negatively.
  • A seller receives earnings automatically after the buyer accepts the order.
  • After a seller is unable to deliver an order, the buyer receives a full refund in their Ewallet.
  • Withdrawal is done once per week. Withdrawals are sent via mobile to your registered Mpesa mobile number on your dashboard. If you prefer to receive your withdrawal in a different number, please indicate this during withdrawal. Withdrawal charges apply.
  • For security concerns, AZW Consult may temporarily disable a Seller’s ability to withdraw revenue to prevent fraudulent or illicit activity. This will be determined by AZW Consult.
  • A Seller is responsible for paying any taxes that may arise from selling their pros. Such include VAT or any other taxes.
  • Seller appointment of AZW Consult as Only Payment collection agent – by accepting the Terms and Conditions, you, the seller, appoint AZW Consult as your only agent for collecting payments made by buyers for all pros that you sell on this Site, via this Site’s Payment Service Providers. Therefore any payment made to AZW Consult by the buyer on behalf of the seller will be considered as payment to the seller directly.


  • A level 1 seller/basic seller is allowed to list up to 6 pros.
  • All pros must be approved by this Site to appear for sale on the Pros Listing page.
  • All pros listed on this Site will be inclusive of all taxes where applicable.
  • Any pro listed on this Site must not violate the Terms and Conditions, or the law applicable to the respective country of sale or purchase.
  • Any pro listed on this Site must not violate any intellectual property rights laws.
  • All pros listed on this Site will be user-generated original content.
  • Any pro found to violate these terms/or the applicable respective Country Law will be immediately removed, and the user risks account suspension, closure or even prosecution, depending on the nature of the violation.
  • Copying of pros is not allowed.
  • Adult-oriented content is not allowed, such as but not limited to Pornographic, Inappropriate/Obscene content.
  • Pros not allowed on this Site including but not limited to :
    • Pros that mislead or are deceptive to others.
    • Pros that are prohibited by the respective Country of sale or purchase.
    • Pros whose duration of service exceed 45 days.
    • Pros that seek to slander, or defame any person, religion, gender or race.
    • Pros that are regulated by the country of sale or purchase.
  • Pros that are removed by this Site for a violation, are not eligible for listing again.
  • Pros that include links to external content which violate the Terms and Conditions will be removed from this Site.
  • Pros should be accompanied by images, and/or attachments which showcase a seller’s work. These are attached to the samples section of the pro-creation page.
  • Statements on the pro page that circumvent or undermine these terms will be removed from this Site.
  • AZW Consult reserves the right to refuse approval of a pro, for any reason that jeopardizes this Site’s operations and/or usage without seeking consent from the seller.

Types of Pros

  • Simple Pro  – this is a pro that is offered as one item or service. It may contain downloads.
  • Grouped Pro – this is a combination of various simple pros that are offered as a group.
  • Variable Pro – this is a pro that can be offered in varying tastes and preferences. The prices differ based on the variation selected. There are three classes i.e. Basic, Basic Plus and Specialized
  • Basic – this is the starting level of your pro. It has basic features
  • Basic Plus – this is a much-advanced pro, with additional features compared to the basic
  • Specialized – this offers specialized professional services, with all features possible for any given pro.


  • You should not offer direct payments to sellers for pros bought on this Site. In case you are asked to use an alternative payment, other than the ones stipulated by the Terms and Conditions, report it immediately to us here.
  • AZW Consult shall bear no responsibility for any complain arising from transactions that happen outside of this Site.
  • AZW Consult reserves the right to use any pro works for this Site’s promotion and marketing purposes.
  • A delivered order autocompletes after 3 days if there are no issues raised by the buyer.
  • If you, as the buyer has an issue(s) with a delivered order, you should click the request amendment button on the order page. Failure to do this, the order will autocomplete after 3 days.
  • Seller’s liability towards the buyer ends after order completion unless explicitly specified otherwise in the Terms and Conditions, or on the specific pro-listing page during pro-purchase.
  • A buyer can purchase a pro, by visiting the pro page, and clicking on Buy Pro button.
  • A buyer must pay for the pro upfront before the pro can be delivered or any attachments downloaded.
  • Buyer liability towards the seller in regards to the pro amount will be satisfied upon receipt and confirmation of payment by AZW Consult using this Site’s payment service provider.
  • Payment methods accepted include VISA, Mpesa, Airtel Money and others. Find out more here
  • You can top up your Ewallet using the approved payment gateways. Find out more here
  • Your Ewallet balance will be used during your purchase.
  • In case unusual transactions occur in your account, your account may be suspended to check for cases of money laundering or fraud.
  • By using any payment method and/or providing payment details for making purchases on this Site, you represent and warrant that:
    • You are legally authorized to provide such information;
    • You are legally authorized or have permission to make payments using the payment method(s);
    • If you are an employee or agent of a company or person that owns the payment method, you are authorized by that company or person to use the payment method to make payments on this Site;
    • Such actions do not violate any applicable law


  • An order is created upon pro purchase. An order becomes binding when the payment is confirmed, thus order status changes to processing. (See order statuses here).
  • An order whose payment confirmation takes more than 1 hour, will be automatically canceled.
  • An order is only delivered using the “Deliver Order” button on the seller’s order page.
  • Using the “Deliver Order” button by a seller on orders which have not been worked on as per the agreement, may lead to a customer complaint, negative seller’s review and thus lower the seller’s rating.
  • A delivered order to a customer is either accepted by the customer using the “Accept Order” button which marks an order complete or rejected, using the “Request amendment” button on the order page which marks the order amending.
  • Upon requesting an amendment, the buyer is supposed to contact the seller using the “Contact Seller” button to inform them about the requested changes, as well as attach any documentation, where applicable.
  • A seller is supposed to amend the order as per the customer request, or as per the seller-buyer agreement.
  • If the seller is unable to fulfill an order as per the requirements, a seller may use the “Unable to deliver” button to cancel the order. This may affect the seller’s rating negatively.
  • An order is completed upon being delivered by the seller, and being accepted by the buyer.
  • An order which upon delivery by the seller, stays 3 days without being accepted by the buyer or any request for amendment made by the buyer, will be automatically marked as complete.
  • An order that is complete cannot be reopened except in rare cases such as fraud or other legal cause.
  • Buyers and sellers are encouraged to settle any disputes among themselves. However, if this fails, a user can contact our customer support about such an issue.

Orders operations

  • A seller receives a notification about a new order both in their registered email, and a notification on their seller’s dashboard.
  • An order whose payment has not been confirmed yet is locked for editing. Therefore the seller, cannot work on such an order.
  • A buyer may cancel an order (without incurring any penalties), when the payment for such an order has not been confirmed yet, by visiting the orders listing page. This is when the order status is still pending.
  • A seller should deliver an order within the stipulated time as indicated on the pro page. Failure to do this, allows the customer to mark an order as late, and thus opt to cancel the order or wait for it to be delivered.
  • A customer can cancel an order that is late, without incurring any penalties.
  • A seller’s delay to deliver their order negatively affects their rating.
  • Seller’s must attach completed files/proof of work using the attach-files option on the order page before delivering the order.
  • Users are responsible for scanning all attached files for viruses and malware. AZW Consult will not be held responsible for any damages which might occur due to site usage, use of content or files attached.
  • A buyer may request for amendment of an order ( by using the “Request Amendment” button ), if the order fails to meet the requirements as indicated on the pro page, or does not match the requirements given by the buyer, up to the extent indicated on the pro page.

Order cancellation

  • When a customer cancels an order that is pending payment confirmation, no penalty is incurred. The customer will receive a refund if the money was already received by AZW Consult. This money will be credited to the customer’s Ewallet.
  • When a seller is unable to deliver an order to the buyer, the buyer will receive a full refund of the money paid for that order in their Ewallet.
  • If a buyer cancels/requests for cancellation of an order that is already being worked upon by the seller, the buyer will receive 80% of the order value in their Ewallet. The 20% balance will be inconvenience fees charged. This is split between the seller and admin fees.
  • AZW Consult reserves the right to cancel any order and put the money on-hold when fraudulent activities are suspected.
  • AZW Consult reserves the right to cancel an order, for any reason that violates the Terms and Conditions or the Privacy Policy without seeking consent from the buyer or seller.
  • AZW Consult reserves the right to cancel an order, for any reason that jeopardizes this Site’s operations and/or usage without seeking consent from the buyer or seller.
  • Orders are not eligible to be canceled based on the quality of service/materials delivered by the seller if the service was offered as described in the pro page. Buyers may rate their experience with the seller on the order page.


  • Reviews given by the buyers about order delivery satisfaction as well as the pro are a key component in determining a seller’s rating. Buyers should also contact a seller about any concern they have about an order that is not yet complete.
  • Reviews given for pros will appear on the pro page and will be visible to all users of this Site who visit that pro page. However, any review that violates the Terms and Conditions and/or the Privacy Policy will be removed immediately.
  • A buyer can only leave a review upon purchase of a pro. This is meant to avoid cases of seller’s influencing other users to post reviews to enhance a seller’s rating. Any such case that is noted may lead to suspension or closure of all related accounts permanently.
  • Reviews for orders completed are allowed for a maximum period of 7 days, upon which the reviews are closed.
  • A seller cannot remove or solicit for removal of any negative reviews given by the buyer.


We advise our buyers and sellers to settle their disputes among themselves. In cases where this approach fails to work, our Customer Support team is available to offer the needed assistance.

Request to receive additional services for an order, outside the scope of the pro page description is not allowed.


AZW Consult does not refund the money directly for any reason. All refunds are credited to a user’s Ewallet, from where a user can withdraw their money.

User Code of Conduct, Ethics and Security

AZW Consult is a platform whose main aim is to enable people to buy and sell services online at competitive rates without any hassle. The sellers get the opportunity to make money out of that skill or talent which may have been lying idle or not making enough money as desired.

Here no qualifications are required to enlist as a seller. All you need is a skill/talent, passion, and dedication to making money. As our slogan says “Skills Equals Cash”.

Despite there being no qualifications needed to start using AZW Consult, we highly require you to maintain a high level of professionalism to ensure that all users benefit from your presence on this Site.

Here we are going to list the expected conduct from you being a user of this Site. In case you come across any violation of the Terms and Conditions and/or Privacy Policy, user misconduct, or any inquiry about either your account or any other issue about the use of this Site, feel free to contact our Customer Support team.

The following are point highlights about user conduct:

  • To help ensure user privacy, details such as email addresses, phone numbers or other personal contact details are kept private.
  • Any information given by the user to other parties voluntarily is done at their own risk. AZW Consult will not be held liable for such disclosures.
  • We do not offer any guarantee for the services offered to buyers. We, however, wish to point out that the services offered, are done so in-line with the Terms and Services and the Privacy Policy.
  • All information and/or file exchange is done for purposes of services offered on this Site, must be done within this Site’s platform. AZW Consult will not be liable for any information offered outside of this Site for purposes of services offered on this Site.
  • AZW Consult will not be liable for any transaction that is offered outside of this platform.
  • Necessary exchange of personal information required to continue a service may be exchanged within the order page.
  • Any abusive, rude, improper language or violent messages will not be tolerated and may result in account suspension, or permanent closure.
  • AZW Consult is an open platform. As such, any discrimination based on a user’s religion, gender or race will not be tolerated.
  • Any review that is meant to defame a seller or to show a preference for one seller, as opposed to another will be removed immediately and such a user risk facing disciplinary action.
  • Users should refrain from influencing other users either directly or indirectly. Any behavior such as persuading buyers to offer a certain review, or cancel an order unwillingly will not be tolerated. This Site is a free platform where users should freely use the services offered here, so long as their use does not violate the Terms and Conditions and/or the Privacy Policy, or affect the other users experience negatively.
  • Users should report to customer support any pro that they feel violates the Terms and Conditions, or are copycat pros.
  • Sellers warrant that the content included in their pros is their original work, does not contain any copied material, and has no third-party infringements such as copyrights, trademarks, service marks, and any other legal infringements. In cases where a seller includes materials such as music, footage or any other material that has rights protection, the seller warrants that they have a valid license to use such media from the original creators.
  • A seller warrants that the materials offered in pros give the buyer full rights to use them, without any limitation or restriction unless explicitly stated on the pro page.
  • In case of any report on copyright or trademark infringement, AZW Consult will investigate this claim, and if found to be true, such a user may face disciplinary action.
  • Any complaint of intellectual rights infringement must be complete and clear showing the complaint. Any incomplete cases will be disregarded.
  • As a user, you have an obligation to ensure that the other users also enjoy this Site’s services. As such, you should report any violation of the Terms and Conditions and/or the Privacy Policy. For the purpose of user privacy, any such report/result or findings will not be published.
  • Depending on the type of violation, a user may either receive a warning, their account be suspended or even closed permanently.
  • Any violation of the Terms and Conditions will lead to disciplinary action as determined by our Safety and Regulatory Team.

Prohibited usage

  • Phishing and spam – any attempt to publish or send malicious materials intending to compromise other users account or computer environment is prohibited. Maintain user privacy by not sending offers, questions, suggestions or any information not concerning an order.
  • Intellectual property claim – any claim regarding intellectual property violation must be complete and clearly stated in the claim. Any incomplete claims will be ignored.
  • Adult materials and pornography – materials with adult content are prohibited and any user found dealing with such on this Site, will lead to permanent account closure.
  • Inappropriate language and/or behavior – any communication with other users of this Site must be appropriate, friendly, bullying-free, harassment-free, and with no hate speech.
  • Privacy & Identity – you must respect other users’ privacy. As such you must not publish other users’ private and confidential information. Any exchange of information for the purpose of order completion must be done on the order page.
  • The authenticity of the user profile – all the information that you provide on your profile must be authentic. Any false information offered for any purpose will result in disciplinary action.
  • Unlawful use – you must not use this Site for any illegal activity.
  • Account selling – account selling is not permitted. Any account involved in such activity may be suspended or permanently closed.

Disclaimer of Warranties

The services obtained out of purchasing a pro on this Site are provided as listed by the seller. Therefore AZW Consult offers no warranty for any information and/or materials obtained through pro-purchase. Therefore AZW Consult or any party associated with AZW Consult shall bear no liability for any security, reliability, quality, accuracy or any other defect for materials so obtained.

Limited Liability

AZW Consult will not be liable for any damages of any kind that arises from your use or inability to use this Site, any materials obtained from pro purchase, any content on this Site, loss of revenue, loss of profits, loss of goodwill, loss of data, breach of contract or otherwise.